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Ever imagined how a blend of Nature and Luxury home stay could create wonder? As we pop into the south is Ane Mallappa hill, a mountain range in the Western Ghats, Gokul Valley Estate & Stay. Experience a separate world! Nestled among the running hill slopes, where you can enjoy the sunrise and the sunset from a single location. We feel lighter with the most refreshing air, scenic flora and fauna and the sensual mountains.

Gokul Valley Homestay

Gokul Valley is a traditional home located along range of western ghats. As the estate we are among the best black pepper (recognized by iisrc) and coffee producers. maintaining the traditional way of growing under tree shade. Supporting the ecology and wild birds

We the Gokul Valley are offering a home hospitality, so our guest can enjoy and experience the ture and traditional way of life and food of the Maland culture.

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The Trditional Malnadu


Chikmagalur is located at the foothills of the Mullayanagiri range in the Indian state of Karnataka; this hidden gem is steeped in tradition. The region receives very heavy rainfall, thus giving it the name ‘Malenadu’ meaning ‘The Land of the Rain’ in Kannada. The rural landscape is all lush farmlands, gently rolling hills and leafy forests; making it a source for some of the most interesting ingredients Hence, this bucolic town, offers food that is just as pristine and refreshingly free of chemicals, where farm-to-table is more than just a trendy catchphrase.

We use fresh ingredients, picked daily from the farms. Our Breakfast is fresh fruit, freshly squeezed juice / tea / coffee served just how you like them. Malenadu speciality like “Tellevu” traditional havyaka dosa, idli served.

We provide Lunch and dinner with traditional Malenadu dishes such as rice, sambar, tambali, appehuli, katne, karkli etc.. Which is prepared from seasonally available natural herbs and leafs from the rain forest of Western Ghats.

At least once during your stay you will experience the traditional Malnad meal served on a banana leaf, the “Bale ele oota”. It is traditionally eaten by every Malenadiga during the spring harvest festival and on other special occasions. Fat grains of Malenadu rice accompany at dishes, all vegetarian, providing an extraordinary array of tastes.




Our trained Naturists will guide you in exploring the surrounding Gokul Valley Estate &Stay. You can opt for a short Nature Walk. Some things to do in Chikmagalurduring nature walks are walking in the coffeeestates, photograph species, listen closely to birds, the wind moving past different leaves, and the sounds of earth.


You could go for trekking two kilometers of hard trekking could be done in near to Gokul Valley Estate & Stay. However if you are a bit more adventurous, you can trek through the mountains, which starts from our boundary. However if you like to do a long trekking our naturist will be able to guide you through the track.


Filling your day with fun is the essence of Gokul Valley Estate & Stay vision, and that we do to the best extent. You can take an MTB and go for a cycling trip. Our experts will provide you with maps to make your ride the most memorable experience.


Regardless of the weather, you can enjoy numerous indoor activities at Gokul Valley Estate & Stay. we can provide a wide range of indoor activities including chess boards, carom board etc.


All Time Pic-up Guest

You will be picked up and dropped off from Chikmagalurtown to our home stay at any time free of cost. If you are out of the town normal tariff will be applicable. We can guarantee you the best vehicle of your choice at the best price. You can contact us for the rates for the pickup and drop off facilities.

Our News & Events

Coffee Day India Rally

30th Nov to 3rd Dec 2018 View More

Car festival (Rathotsava)

28th and 29th of March

The chariot, named Galige Teru, is drawn in the eastern part of the temple on the first day and the remaining part will be covered on the second day with the ‘Dodda Theru’.

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Our Guest Reviews

WOW... unfortunately we had a beautiful stay at Gokul Valley Estate – it is a gorgeous property and I hope to return soon.

Lokesh, Mysore

It was our best experience in Chikmagalur. Gokul Valley Estate & Stay your Hospitality was just awesome .Service was very good, Just Maintain it, A Wonderful experience staying at your place. Felt one with nature and rejuvenated. I loved the way of welcome, Good malanadu food, Hospitality, I saw the cleaning was excellent

Manoj, Bangalore

A lovely place to kick back and relax. We can enjoy the sunrise and the sunset form the single location. We enjoyed our stay very much. The service was excellent. Great ambience, excellent malanadu food and excellent service.

Madhan Kumar, Bangalore

It was very excellent trip at Gokul Valley Estate & Stay...Enjoyed Thoroughly...Surroundings were very good, enjoyed the chill of Chikmagalur.... we have to appreciate the Cleanliness, Room Service and Food polite Staff which add the strength of this resort... Thank you Gokul Valley Estate & Stay for making our holiday a special one

Swetha, Bangalore